Privacy & Policy

We got GACC registered as a GSTIN subsidiary in Nov 2018 and got our Ministry of Micro and Small Enterprise certification in Dec 2021.

Our Board of Advisors has derived a model which has led many small-scale companies to grow in a few years and that model is commission and incentive-based work. On top of that, I have added a small bonus of 500 Rs if any team member sends a publishable Textual News Report/Analysis/Interview or cracks a profitable business. On top of that S/He will get 7 % or more commission within 7 days of the deal amount being credited in GACC's official Bank Account.

For specially-tailored tasks which I will allot to any team member, I will pay for the value of services and tasks separately. Please, remember this very important point. Our  IT Manager Mr. Basudev Tripathy knows it.


When any team member intends to do a Defense, Intel, Sec story, or any sensitive story or deal, he will discuss it with me first.

Now you may think what's a business deal. It may be an advertisement/ a paid sponsorship/ or even a business deal.


We have just embarked on our journey and the best thing which we have is the support of top of the top people in this world. Some of them are on Advisory Board but most of them are still behind the scene.

So we all need to adhere to discipline, professionalism, and honesty. That's three key principles.

We understand many of us might be involved in other jobs, I will not stop you from that. Hence you can choose your work hours. But at the same time please make it a point to participate in weekly meetings which will be held on each Sunday.

We will discuss in those meetings about tasks and what has been achieved in the past week but on top of that, we will talk like friends and discuss other issues also like about our families or maybe even about a movie.

There will be an escalation and also a de-escalation metric for designations, promotions, incentives, and benefits. And yes. If you send any Video Reports please remember there are two parts to Video News Reports. Sending it for Video Reports Category which maybe somewhere between 5-7 minutes and sending a video for our YouTube Channel "The Global TV" which should be no less than 25 minutes. The third part is textual News reports/Interviews/News analyses. These should be first-hand reports not the copy-pasted or link of any newspaper/news agency and should be accompanying 2-3 photos or 2-3 short video clippings. I hope I made it very clear for our team in News & Media section specially to Correspondents & Reporters.

 You must have seen your designations. A particular designation means you will work accordingly. An added designation means you have an added responsibility. Suppose your designation is reporter cum Business Development Officer. That means you have to send news reports and news videos from the city or country which is given in your designation plus you have to grow the business of GACC from that city or country too.

 And finally, after a six-month Company will apply escalation metrics depending on weekly meetings and work done. This six-month is probation period for each team member. This firm as I had discussed with our IT manager who is working as Shock Absorber for me-Mr Basudev Tripathy, is designed and will keep working on principles of Intercultural Competence. That means we have respect and value for each nationality and culture who are here as team members.

Our official mail ID of the firm is All common issues will be shared by email from this email ID of the firm and if anything specific has to go to team members it will go from my official ID which is If anyone wants to communicate by email, please use the above IDs to send your mails to the support team or to me.